Manifold Systems

Compact Manifold
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These products are part of the preferred supply – for full selection please refer to catalogue.

compact manifold XSC1-06-EH 316 stainless steel compact manifold example, comprising, filter regulator, pressure relief valve and FP06P solenoid valve with breather on exhaust. More circuits and details shown in catalogue.
compact manifold XSC1-06-EH (3D) 3D representation of compact manifold. Envelope dimensions 135mm x 178mm x 152mm (including gauge). All compact systems are available also with 1/2" port blocks as shown below.
compact manifold XSC1-12-ABEJM 316 stainless steel compact manifold system with 1/2" ports including 1/2" NPT ball valve, check valve, compact filter regulator with 40mm gauge, flow control and FP06P manual reset solenoid valve.
compact manifold XSC1-12-ABEJM (3D) 3D representation of compact manifold above. Envelope dimension 271mm x 202mm x 175mm (including handle for ball valve).