Subsea Range Introduction

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Experience gained since 1987 of successfully applying valves directly immersed in sea water has been applied to develop the technically superior, market leading performance FPS10 range of shearseal type directional control valves. Fully seawater compatible, the standard products are able to operate on fluids with contamination levels greater than NAS 1638 Class 12. True failsafe valves, they bring you the benefits of reduced manifold weight, size and costs, and put world beating performance at your command. Below are typical specification requirements for sub-sea valves and comparable Bifold Fluidpower valve performance.

Subsea Valve Specification

  • 1 million cycles
  • Control fluid compatability:- New generation water glycols, oil (non-charmable)
  • Up to 20% sea water contamination
  • Immersable in di-electric fluids with up to 20% sea water contamination
  • Fluid cleanliness NAS 1638 Class 6 - NAS 1638 Class 10
  • 3000m water depth
  • Up to 760 bar maximum working pressure
  • -10°C to + 50°C
  • Leakage <0.02 to 1 cc/min
  • 18 to 28 VDC, 12 Watt

Bifold Fluidpower Performance

  • 1 million cycles
  • Option of seawater as operating medium
  • Direct seawater immersion
  • Up to NAS1638 Class 12
  • 3000m water depth
  • Up to 1035 bar maximum working pressure
  • -40°C to 121°C
  • Leakage 0 to 0.2 cc/min
  • 12 to 28 VDC, 15 Watt

Qualification Tests

Bifold Fluidpower valves are subjected to extensive qualification test programmes and that include the following:

Shuttle valves - up to 690 bar

subsea shuttle valves

Pilot operated valves -
Ball seated and slide -
up to 1035 bar

subsea pilot operated valve

Special Valve Products

Direct seawater immersed modular valve assemblies for drill pipe riser and subsea pipeline valves.

special subsea valve Series configured bi-stable pilot operated 3/2 valve, pilot operated 3/2 spring return valve and solenoid operated 3/2 spring return valve. special subsea valve Dual, 3/2, spring return, 2-stage solenoid valves. Integral return line ingress filter protection.
special subsea valvespecial subsea valveSCM 8 function flange and 12 function cube manifolds. special subsea valveSCM pressure supply manifold with filter, pressure transmitter and shuttle valve.
expro intervention tool photoPilot operated slide valves and direct acting solenoid valves. special subsea valvespecial subsea valveRRC Controls Ltd Wellhead control module - Talisman Energy (left)
Bi-stable, 2-stage solenoid valves 8 function flange manifold (right)